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She was awarded three crowns at the Floral Games, which earned her t. The French engaged only a part of their forces, around 33, men, whilst Archduke Charles engaged the bulk of his army, 49, men, leaving out Paul Davidovich's corps to defend the lower Adige and Franz Seraph of Orsini-Rosenberg's corps to cover the Austrian right against any flanking maneuvers.

At dawn, the French launched their attack from Ve. They have two children: Lucien and Gloria. The original diocese is traditionally thought to have been created in the 3rd century by St. Denis and corresponded with the Civitas Parisiorum; it was elevated to an archdiocese on October 20, Its liturgical centre is at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The archbishop resides on rue Barbet de Jouy in the 6th arrondissement, but there are diocesan offices in rue de la Ville-Eveque, rue St. Bernard and in other areas of the city. The title of Duc de Saint-Clou. Charles Berling born 30 April is a French actor, director and screenwriter. Son of a navy doctor, he is also the nephew of the literary critic Raymond Picard. His mother, Nadia, "only daughter of French settlers in Morocco" was born in Meknes Morocco ; she died in Bernard Blier 11 January — 29 March was a French character actor. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where his father, a researcher at the Pasteur Institute, was posted at the time.

Life and career His rotund features and premature baldness allowed him to often play cuckolded husbands in his early career. He is notable for being one of France's most versatile and sought-after character actors, performing interchangeably in comedies and dramas.

His complete filmography includes titles. He has appeared in a number of his son's films, most notably Buffet froid Life Pomona Early life Ranc "the younger" was born in Montpellier, the son of the provincial portraitist Antoine Ranc "the elder". Antoine had a personal collection of paintings by the European masters, and received many young artists into his studio, including Hyacinthe Rigaud from Jean Ranc moved to Paris in , and became the student of Rigaud, working in his studio.

Despite aspirations to become a history. By the end of the day, Massena seized a bridgehead on the east bank of the Adige River, driving back the defending troops under Josef Philipp Vukassovich. The French emperor hoped to win the war in the Danube valley. During the battle, the French attacked across the river, cleared two suburbs, and. Nicolas-Henri Tardieu, called the "Tardieu the elder", 18 January - 27 January was a prominent French engraver, known for his sensitive reproductions of Antoine Watteau's paintings.

His second wife, Marie-Anne Horthemels, came from a family that included engravers and painters. She is known as an engraver in her own right. Nicolas-Henri and Marie-Anne Tardieu had many descendants who were noted artists, most of them engravers. His father was a boilermaker, as were his two younger brothers. Possibly Nicolas-Henri used scraps of copper from his father's workshop for his early engravings.

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Raymond Pellegrin 1 January — 14 October was a French actor. He married actress Dora Doll on 12 July ; the couple had a daughter named Danielle, and divorced in In his films, he is sometimes credited as "Raymond Pellegrini. Filmography Six petites filles en blanc Pierre, le fils du pharmacien La femme en rouge Jean Talais Un flic Georges Monnier Le Diamant de cent sous Tony Coupable?

Henri Laplanche The Smugglers'. Etching by Giovanni Battista Piranesi, The Villa Medici as it looks today. Winners were awarded a bursary that allowed them to stay in Rome for three to five years at the expense of the state. The prize was extended to architecture in , music in , and engraving in It was an annual bursary for promising artists having proved their talents by completing a very difficult elimination contest. The inhabitants of the department are known as Aveyronnais or Aveyronnaises. Geography Aveyron is the centre of a triangle formed by the cities of Toulouse, Clermont-Ferrand, and Montpellier.

The department approximately follows the outline of the former province of Rouergue. Its prefecture is Rodez. The department comes under the jurisdiction of the Academy of Toulouse and the Montpellier Court of Appeal. Aveyron is located in the south of the Massif Central.

The highest point in the department is the summit of Le Signal de Mailhebiau at m on the Plateau of Aubrac. The Aveyron department is divided into several natura. Along with the Prix Goncourt, it is one of the oldest and most prestigious literary awards in France. He continues to kill long after the war has ended, as it is all he knows. After World War II, he has no qualms in applying these skills and is arrested for murder. Convicted and condemned to death, he is held in a prison cell with other murderers sentenced to death.

Men to be guillotined are taken out at night, so they wait in fear and only sleep after dawn. While Le Guen's lawyer Claude Laydu tries to achieve a pardon for his client, three of Le Guen's fellow inmates are executed, one by one, in the course of. Michel Auclair 14 September — 7 January was an actor of Serbian and French ancestry, known best for his roles in French cinema. Auclair moved to Paris when he was three years old. Charles Sorel Charles Sorel, sieur de Souvigny c. Life Very little is known of his life except that in he was historiographer of France.

He wrote on science, history and religion, but is only remembered for his novels. You, having conquered the sting of death, opened the realms of heaven to believers. You sit at the right hand of God in the glory of the Father. You are believed to be the judge who will come. You, therefore, we pray: help your servants, whom you redeemed with your precious blood. Count them among your saints in eternal glory.

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Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance. And rule over them, and raise them up into eternity. We bless you day after day. And we praise your name forever and ever. Deign, Lord, to protect us from sin this day. Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy on us. Let your mercy be upon us, Lord, just as we hoped in you.

Mauriac: The Poetry of a Novelist - Paul Cooke - Google книги

In you, Lord, I hoped; let me not be confounded eternally. Katherine probably written for performance in Erfurt in the province of Thuringia in the mid-fourteenth century, and, of course the Croxton play in England, as well as The Castle of Perseverance , the Digby Mary Magdalene , and the Towneley Iudicium Judgment. English translations of the French and German materials ftlinemay be found in Medieval French Plays , trans. Emmerson and Hult; and Wright, trans. In the Mistere de la Saincte Hostie , a priest calls for the sounding of bells and the chanting of the Te Deum three times upon the return of the miraculous host to the Church of Saint-Jean.

Atkin p. MS: primus vexillator. MS: inserted above the line by Scribe A. MS: bryne. MS: ro written above two cancelled letters re? MS: secundus. MS: Svereyns. So Davis. MS omits. MS: re presentyd. MS: hyn. MS: freynend. MS: xxti li. MS: c li. Compare line where the manuscript spells the number out. MS: bye. The scribes of Trinity F. Following Davis, I emend the forms to preserve the rhyme. See below, lines , where MS praye appears to be an error for preve , , , , , , , , , , , , , , and MS: the.

MS: woldr. MS: nell. Scribe A stops here. Scribe B begins with many. MS: boylde. MS: ob ouyn. MS: counteryd. MS: I wyll wys wyll is only partially cancelled. MS: your. The fifth c is expuncted. MS: with. MS: be loo thy thus. MS: gayn. MS: t cancelled before. MS: fron. MS: treyn. MS: to send vs hys withuton mynd to mene with hyhe ioyes of hevyne inserted above the line by Scribe B. MS: appears in the right margin.

MS: Aristorius mercator. The form of the stage name varies across the manuscript. It is spelled as Aristius at and and Arystorius at and MS: be. MS: moulld molde. MS: enelesse. MS: thys. MS: woso. MS: Surgery. MS: I cancelled before. MS: chyffys. MS: abundawse.

Naught for Your Comfort

MS: flower. MS: among. The scribe has mistakenly copied among from line MS: Amog. MS: ben with final n cancelled. MS: my may. MS: waytheth. It is spelled as Presbiter at , Presbitre at and , and Presbiter at , , and MS: shall tary you tary. MS: towble.

MS: comnyng. MS: gyude guyde. MS: inserted above the line by Scribe B. MS: onknowth. MS: of or of Saby. MS omits or. MS: best. MS: Jhonat tas. MS: Whoses. MS: Godd. MS: abuddaunce. MS: A. MS: do to dresse. MS: machatys. Davis conjectures that the y has been superimposed over an original e. MS: grenyis. MS: a. MS: followed by. The word has not been cancelled.

Scribe B stops at the end of the line. Scribe A resumes with the beginning of line MS: ys my ys name. MS: graclea. MS: four letters cnon? MS: in a pye with in a praye inserted above the cancelled text. MS: sever. MS: the on. It is spelled as Malcus at and Malchas at , , , and MS: ont. MS: Acrystori. MS: seyg seyng. MS: amay. MS: an illegible word has been cancelled before ys , which is inserted above the line by Scribe B. An abbreviation for er sits above forsothe. MS: they. MS: Lon. MS: a letter a cancelled before. MS: bargened. MS: ryh. MS: moste with ste cancelled and t added above by Scribe B.

MS: written in the right margin alongside lines —52 next to the rhyme bracket. MS: first tell , then e altered to o. MS: written in the right margin between lines and next to the rhyme bracket. MS: mre. MS: an. A possible abbreviation sits above the y , potentially making the word mynn. MS: fit bi me sit bi me. MS: bar vartre. MS: written in the right margin alongside line next to the rhyme bracket.

The nd of stownd is written above the word because the scribe ran out of space. MS: several letters cancelled before. MS: dystrre. MS: man. MS: one or two letters cancelled before anoon. MS: yoll yow. There is no speech tag, but a horizontal line clearly indicates that lines —90 belong to Aristorius.

MS: conscyene. MS: n entent. MS: bere.

Le romantisme [Bac de français]

MS: tresye. MS: ment payment. MS: xl. MS: agen. MS: wld. MS: wr. MS yt with superscripted t cancelled and t inserted after y on the line. MS: stondy stownd. MS: lesse. MS: hys. Scribe C begins with line MS: written in the right margin alongside lines — MS: written in the margin between lines — MS: goonne. Davis changes rest to nyght in order to preserve the rhyme with line , where the final y of almyghty has been erased, resulting in the current reading.

MS: wyll must. MS: written in the right margin alongside line MS: cure covere. The scribe originally wrote cure , presumably for the sake of preserving the rhyme with treasure in line but then cancelled it and added covere. MS: The scribe repeats the speech tag following the stage direction although there is no change of speaker.

MS: The scribe places the redundant speech tag — there is no change of speaker — in the margin left of the stage direction. MS: th to. MS: ch clere. MS: worde. MS: or. MS: ys. MS: augus. Scribe A resumes with line MS: fo. MS ye a. The final a has been cancelled erroneously, giving ye for yea. MS: yt yt werketh.

The r is added above the line. MS: reme. MS: agene. MS: sye. The o appears to be inserted above the line. MS: strong. MS: Malspas. MS: sang. MS: thy se with s inserted above the cancellation. A letter appears to be cancelled between woo and me is. Davis, p. It is spelled as Coll at , , , , , , and MS: shpyn. MS: sytthyt. MS: phesyan. MS: judyyment. Inserted above the line by Scribe C. MS: desa dysayde.

MS: wotr. MS: A caret superimposed over the second letter a? MS: ye he. That he hat in good ale. MS: By. MS: dyleth. MS: cam I. MS: prohclamacion. MS: the d in med is written above the e because the scribe has run out of room on the page after attaching line to line MS: tut. MS: Master Brundyche. MS: payent. MS: anoyntment. MS: ox ennell. Inserted above the line. MS: prattffe. MS: wyse. MS omits but includes in the cancelled version of this line appearing after line MS: bowgtt.

MS: tugg es.

18th Iberoamerican Congress, CIARP 2013, Havana, Cuba, November 20-23, 2013, Proceedings, Part II

MS: paua pausayon. MS: a mak. MS: wlde. Hic interim proclamacionem faciet. This stage direction appears in the margin alongside lines — MS: yow. MS: quartaid. MS: brynnyg. MS: gryndyg with r inserted above the line. MS: mye and the myegrym. MS: Coltugll. MS: wre. Inserted between carets above the line because the scribe apparently reached the edge of the page. MS: undstondyn. Inserted by Scribe C. MS: phesyscioun. The lines are separated by a slash. MS: This line appears in the left margin and is divided between wele and mot. Following wele at the end of the first line, two or three letters have been cancelled.

MS: dyse. MS: hermet. MS: maste. Scribe A stops at the end of this line. Scribe C resumes with line and continues until the end. MS: can nott be profytable. MS omits, although the presence of a horizontal line in the MS suggests a change of speaker. MS: brenne. MS: run. MS: The scribe mistakenly copies Ys at the beginning of line MS: wrowgh. MS: fyre. Here thei kyndyll the fyre. Stage direction appears in the margin alongside lines — MS: yt done yt. MS: clowte clothe. MS: bedyth. MS: similis. MS: a word has been cancelled between the two words, perhaps a repeated the. MS: fowyth. It appears as Eps generally, but as Epus at , , and MS: pepnll.

MS: sy passyon. MS: grett. MS: unryghfull. MS and Davis: hed. MS: imge. MS: magnyfyed gloryfyed. MS: swe shewyst. MS: solepne. MS: scacrum. The two i s are dotted in the manuscript, so the word cannot be Dominum , but there also seems to be a minim missing between the o and the first i in conuiuium. MS: h is not visible in the facsimile and appears to have been cropped. MS: and c for. This line begins with several words that have been struck out.

MS: As A c. MS: putt. MS: a menyn. MS: of non. MS: co. MS: fogotyn. The second o is superimposed over an incorrect y. MS: written below payne. MS: Form. MS: the to. MS: Agaynt. MS: presmpcion. MS: inpresument. MS: be lockyd. Here the Juys must knele al down. The stage direction appears in the right margin alongside lines — MS: wondys.

MS: bownd wounde. MS: us take us with bad inserted above the cancelled us. MS: Ser Jonathas. MS: know. MS: Neverer. MS: befer. MS: leae. MS: more. MS: Inserted above the line by the scribe. MS: m l cccc. MS: be inserted between and slightly above whom and honowr in the colophon. MS: nanys. MS: nmbere. MS: Xpanus. MS: jmus. MS: ijus. MS: iijus.

Why Wby worry? At least the Christi'ln ill this world w tld is warned regard himself w;trued often often enough Cn Hlllh to f 'J. Himself, And I cannot, tbherefore, therefore. This stoep a party pany of sill: which, very ofen, fear, 1 I wus familiar cuong!!

It meant, found daunting, metlnr. And problems prtlblems and before supper. But it was Ita winter winter winter in Johanncsllllrg Johannesburg at six dlOusand thousand feet with evening, and wimer fine, icy blasts from the minemine the wind blowing blowing the sand in linc, dumps, cheerless to say the tile least not know these dWl1ps, is cheerless lease of it. Tbey gat there on IIa bench, bench. Ia silent group, waiting to tell tell that bad had bCOUMhc brought them together.

I asked them ine something something th,1t me in. They lived in in Edith Street, just a c uple couple of blocks ill one olle of 0 the yards ill other House, Like thousands away from the Mission Mission H' lIse. Him Him not. When the whole story told to went sornediing Ut When the whole story was wns told to me it well! There are in Johannesburg S mc forty forry rlllmw!

So, in Sophiatowl and Alexandra Township. It It increased the the density of Pll1mlAlilln. A C Il lords used for this purpur lord. It would 11m not them,.. It not k is 1I0t nre so in South Africa, for tlw tie Aftk'ins. Alld long history of its development tie pust past the whole 10llg histOry 1f development over the improvements" of 1lde. It isis no louger exhausting,. There's '!

Y1LJ whn w T here is. Yet itif hM has for me, wiffinl within itself, certain certilin fundllmenral Chrisrhm fundamen tal principles principles of the hki faith,. In II. African every day of his life-for one world un f of sanio dty, city, within a few riiln black. The contrust ing. The" The "giri spite offhr her fl tr'o or on dtill fosmc Is. The fe. The il1Crellse in crimes of violen. IS aftermath of it nil, al, ill in white never dared to imagine. And the nfrermmh Johannesburg, uneasy srirrhlfl stirring of th,' the mint!.

Johannesburg, was IIa faint ,lint and uncasy thlose pictures ttL? Are thuse pi'tlll'es til"'? Alwretyn uneasy stirring. It ,,! A omado tornado d! And even that does not leave m 1fC more than rapidly fading thun ita ral,idly "dioil of momentary kindness behiot!

The are sill memory Qf momennlry kiildnes. I came to Johannesburg, twelve years5ago. RRI', S ue 'l: I. I ;fma. IutiItImit cOllsidc! That 'Ilat the pe ple living in it 1s people livinp; should care where they live, or have IIa love of their hoies, lfthe!! Orlatido, morning, l. Stt Cps original family through those l ng hlwe oon Stoeps have been added: frames, windows huilt hiilt in, added: doors fitted to the empty frlunes: in. But the streets streets still stink with the eliuence: effluence: there t1wrc bis no drain. So, thirty tlWlISHlld thousand pl. The C Juncil Council had decided to h'ld deddl,'d to had decide,1 decided til to Imycott theiri , erect soup kitchens.

NOt Not a very iml"'lrt. NU l't. In the: circum miles nearer to the ,icy. Fnr mange anomaly non-Europeans can Africa, an urban area which lloEuropes. SophiutowII Sophiatown has a 'Iuality arc overyards--which may not be be ctowding squalid yards-which crmvdill. If citi. Pod "-Deorm. Nut, Nor, of togetber co discuss the racial problems ptObJems of 50mh wits but ifit WM held, bue the tirst first to be hdd, course, that this conference was the.

The hall tht: meethail in whkh which the mn:et ing took place was " black dele " zoned," so that the white and nnd bh,dt e.. MMA 47 ' And my opinion, and one which is not only untx punar And it is also Iny opinion. Christilllls ace lIfrsid mask the question. Call Can if it be because, hearts, they know be! I have lmve lIsed. Christian to chis jllestion. Let of the churches of the PederAted Federated Ned. INform perform " Every nation and race Geref. An It it m.

Ana ami and I a. In other Urre, Herr. Afrka, So we must mllst bnpeo, Ilot hope. And it i! I happened to be "pout bearin,l! The young Y lg man, Afrikaner yeatrs of of al!. But what's school in the Transvaal tn Isn't Dr. Verwovrd right in smrting starting Bantu EducaEduca me? But, over the pa!! I been otnlly ineffective influence on the mn.

But rI dn do say that is not enough. It peol"le in the next gencrati m is this sense of urgency which has led me to a lX sitian position w which is hith that of many leading I know to to be in conflict with thnl Leading Anglicans Anglicans greatly respect and whose friendsbip friendship I imim whose opinion I gte,Hly mensely value. It is dillicult.

It was, in fact, one of the few felV opportunities opptlwlIlides fiV'lil"ble tht. II propro --on to the tommy-Aun. If you will call off tililse those police, rI will see that that the meeting cannot be rCSIXltlsible responsible foe for meetillg ends peacefully: peacefully: otherwise rI eonnnt the consequences. Again A i na simple enough incident and one: one finished simple cntlup;h which, suppose, could whkh, I supp se, umld be paralleled very easily in other odler countries. It was all terrifying spt!

16th-century male writers

There was breath of Nll2i. But that Sund'IY Sunday morning murni! It seemed to me then, to as it seems even more certain to me now, that the only way tu thing lIS as a. The cenwries mentarily, the place of his Mll. And, uhviollSly, obviously, if if :he tie Omr'! These are :hriM' :hrit fooms bUI!

It It is true that parishes where the priest courageous and ulive alive to the in some p. But it I, is nM not true, situation, some real progress progres. It will be better ro. Already, mntter espccially, Already. And moliern society everywhere. It is many centuries mallY cenwries ago "go in the hinterland hinterland of Antin!

BBY, Tsocsi, show me your pass. But he wns at all the copycopy was not lit years, ever since he was Ita child. Indeed, I lluve who. Like them he case for an approved schooL more than a.. Alan him him. When his funerul funeral took place, some six thuU! My priesthood important chlln than priesthood was so much more impnmm my colom. Whell When Ihe the criminals better h:tn police come come the people are fearful: they even hide bide rhe the They fear the police mme more than they bu fear the 'the..

We are nor nor satistied that the police protect. Now look, look, man," he sak, sllid,.. Sophiatown In Civil: GUilrd the month of March there were only. Neither the boy.. III known to me, and antI 1I asked him to.! How is this gap Rill' to be closed? Johannesburg and upon whose labollt Taking 'Taking the survey I have referred to as an an:Uf;! Sophiatown Or. Above Above all, are too few people probatioll ollicers. They are filthy dirty. Iirl girl here, MId And kntlw yciu don't know kn lw me.

Ihc's she's f!! Jf pt we've had hel' her woddn[,l working for us up. I Clln't can't keep them in the and they're growing up, two children nod School, or nn an institutit? Oh, bitt be sure to know III of somewhere The offer was was made public. A was formed. We were petition with two thousi1nd told that nil all our windows would be broken and our Priory broken andmu Priory. I was present at waspresenr at attacked if we proceeded the meeting in the City Hall when the Vigilance Committee "Three hundred made its formal protest to the City Council.

It is na hide-out criminals. Indeed nothing can so swiftly arouse the wrath of white suburbia lIS as an servants with recreational recreational facilities. TIle The mtlfal enforcement of the law of regimllcltlll. Sll another matter alcogerher. Imv of If the! Illd reward, reward. But the ymtnR 't gClwf otltftil. Nevertheless, Novettlielo. Jake i weight Champion Champicln of the Iimpire. South Africa. Mmlfn'lNIIry jame. Ita M[mW allcy "ttl between houses and discm't'r discover an opeti yun!

WCllrS it. Nc-welitre Newd'lrt' liil. Vldcm, were m. It WI!. IS as dllckut;! It fferI! And, somehow or other, the police were never tht! Newdarc: Soulh seemed defenceless dcfencele:l. A fearful in their homes. During tht w. DmJtlI' tht' security was week. Then the ot in force, much more difficuk the"" Russians ,. Once "I-I'lin W. Hty made mnde special regulations for its white social workers. But strange re t'1O! He 1,1c must have felt like Mo. His oti ,ht! I WlIS was told I had tio legal logal smmlins. The Civil Guard operated operated round the "'luares uluares headq uar ters H; where the the.

IIUft;:U "; over two bitter lIfe. Our African caretaker and lIlId his wife gave all their time to the task. I used to to! Coming b. N every.. The loss is so gr be For the C;hristian it ouglit wo greut ck b r for the miost most parc, p:m,. In do! Tile kiss of Jaucob still lingers, not brethIQIl. Itis a symb-ll symolx of henre lllld wilL It something precious that would spend my whole S? I am um sure I should m1t succeed. The rain "ud and the the llies. I beneath that thut leaking leaking wp'lUlin jl illWi iroll.

It was from owned a building yilC! I am r "ll.