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  1. ISBN 13: 9782266136211
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  3. After the #MeToo backlash, an insider’s guide to French feminism | World news | The Guardian

Luca Pacioli, Summa de arithmetica, geometria, proportioni et proportionalita, Venise, Voir G. M inaud , , p. Martial, Epigr. Y acoub, M. Tantaene animis caelestibus irae?

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Baratte, F. Danielle Porte , Tombeaux romains , Paris, Gallimard, , p. Macrobe, Sat. Voir A. Q uacquarelli , , pp. Augustin, Serm.

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Quae mox ingressa septingentos decem et septem numeros complicatis in eos digitis Iouem salutabunda subrexit. Tum Philosophia, ut Tritonidam propter astabat, quid numero tali Arithmetica intulisset, exquirit. Sommaire - Document suivant. Histoire de la mesure. Talking Fingers.

ISBN 13: 9782266136211

Finger-Reckoning and Symbols in Roman Iconography. Plan 1. De flexibus digitorum, dans C Agrandir Original jpeg, 20k. Agrandir Original jpeg, 24k. Figure 3. When a Frenchwoman gets married, there is no legal obligation for her to take her husband's name. But most state organisations automatically change her surname. The infuriating "maiden name" box appears on the vast majority of administrative forms, payslips, invoices, medical records and even online shopping services.

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  4. On my national insurance card I have found it impossible to keep my real name. As for my taxes, only in the past two years has my own name appeared next to my husband's, who remains the "head of the family" a concept that no longer has any legal meaning, but remains in use. A French law of makes it clear that a person is entirely at liberty to choose the name by which they are known.

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    But a married woman is constantly reduced to her husband's name, and even to her husband's first name. So we read of the death of "Madame Robert Dupont": even in death, the woman has been eliminated entirely. French gallantry requires a woman to be referred to as "Mademoiselle" for as long as possible, as a way of saying she doesn't look her age — and can be chatted up, or indeed fucked.

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    2. After the #MeToo backlash, an insider’s guide to French feminism.
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    8. Calling a woman "Madame" and correcting it to "Mademoiselle", as though you've made a blunder, is a classic chat-up line. The freedom of women in France is very much a matter of words, and I think it is intimately related to language. As with many Latin languages, the masculine form trumps everything when it comes to grammatical agreement of adjectives and so forth. Iranian oil tanker bound for Syria seized by Britain.

      After the #MeToo backlash, an insider’s guide to French feminism | World news | The Guardian

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